Universal Productions HQ was made to last and survive a Category 4 hurricane with proper maintenance. It's 300 m tall. But, if there was no maintenance? Will it last?

60 days after people: The computers and lights continue to work. However, it has run out of geothermal power and shuts down.

100 years after people: This building has been triggered by hundreds of hurricanes. It has caused severe damage to the components.

250 years after people: A category 5 hurricane strikes the building and blows out the windows off the eroding ruin. Then, one piece of concrete crumbles and the building's breaks through 20 floors, then tilts to the west.

250 years after people: The remaining structure doesn't look good without windows and with a piece of the 20 top floors broken. The concrete crumbles in a chain reaction and it collapses in a corner-by-corner style.