The Tower of the Americas is an observation tower in San Antonio, Texas. At 662 ft.(190 meters) it has surpassed Seattle's Space Needle. Now with the over 1,000,000 people of San Antonio gone, how long will it last?

10 years: The glass begins to fall out.

50 years: Every single glass panel on the tower is gone making it vulnerable for winds through the observation deck and the restaurant.

100 years: The tower has suffered much corrosion at the base from San Antonio's floods. The concrete pillar holding the tower up finally gives way. The tower topples like a tree, breaking in half as it falls. The tower crashes to the ground in a heap of rubble.

500 years: The sight where the tower was is now a marshland. The last landmark, The Alamo, had collapsed 3 centuries ago making San Antonio's skyline unrecognizable.