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The SCP Foundation is a facility that is known to house thousands of anomalous entities and objects such as SCP-173 (aka "The Sculpture"), which seems to be a concrete statue, standing a bit taller than 2 meters, that can move when someone or something breaks eye contact with it, then when 173 gets too close to the subject, it will snap their neck. Along with SCP-096, a humanoid figure 2.38 meters tall, showing very little muscle mass and arms much longer than that of a human. When SCP-096's face is looked at via video footage, pictures, or seeing it in person. It will track down the person that looked at it's face, this doesn't seem to work with artistic depictions of it though. But the question comes. How long would it survive after people?

1 day after people: The facility loses power, causing the doors to open and free most of the SCPs, the acid that once contained SCP-682 has now spilled all over the floor, causing the floor covered by the acid to corrode the metal, bats and other nocturnal animals start to move into and live in the safer parts of the foundation.

3 days after people: The robotic SCPs are still functioning, but slowly but surely loing their battery life.

1 week after people: SCP-682 breaks out of the facility and starts to go towards the remains of the closest to the foundation.

10 years after people: All the SCPs (except the ones that can't move) have broken out of the foundation to start their new lives in the wilderness.

120 years after people: A couple propane containers explode causing most of the facility to plummet to the ground.

200 years after people: The foundation has been entirely destroyed, the Earth is now ruled by the SCPs.

250 years after people: The Earth is slowly falling into chaos, thousands and thousands of animals have been killed by SCPs.

1,000 years after people: Earth has fallen into ruins, thousands of trees have been destroyed decreasing the oxygen production rate, most species have gone extinct, except for the microorganisms.

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