The Grand Wheel is a ferris wheel in the fictional city of Zanelioton, a suburb of New Generation City.

It is 100 feet high, and has 50 gondolas. Also, it is antique. (built in 1903) How long does it last in a life after people?

1 day after people: The lighting cuts and the gondolas stop during the night. A slight breeze is all that goes up it.

1 year after people: Pokemon (since its in the fictional pokemon universe) discover it, and start to live in it.

10 years after people: About 300 pokemon have settled in it, and a gondola near the top snaps off in a heavy wind.

75 years after people: Now only 14 gondolas remain, all in the bottom half. Pokemon are infesting the ferris wheel.

100 years after people: The Grand Wheel gets struck by lighting, which causes a fire. All gondolas fall off during it.

150 years after people: The Grand Wheel's A-Frame sticks up from a somewhat forestlike base, covered with plants.