The St. John's Brewery is a brewery in St. Johns. it is know for making extremely carbonated beer. but it's beer never has bubbles form in the beer itself. now in a life after people. how will this intoxicating monument hold out?

1 day after people: Power goes out. and beer production stops permanently. the silos and tanks no longer serve as simple containers. they are turned into time bombs. just how long. until the brewery is destroyed in a explosion of highly carbonated beer

80 years after people: The brewery still stands. but something has gone wrong in the containment room. the beer has built pressure even as it was being made. now 80 years later. too much pressure has been built up. and one by one. the tanks rupture. spilling their contents onto the stone and concrete floor of the storage room. this also causes the storage room to collapse. now the only beer storers are the massive beer silos.

900 years after people: The St. John's Brewery still stands. even after 900 years. but however this brewery is about to explode. the reason why?. the humongous silos. they where designed to hold up to 1000 liters of beer. but now the beer has formed up a crazy amount of pressure. suddenly pipes begin to leak beer and some even rupture within a second. soon the silos begin to fall. and explode just like a Michael Bay movie. titanic beer silos filled with a insane amount of pressure. collapse and explode. but one falls on the main factory. and this brewery is out of stock.