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The National Theater of Beijing, in Beijing, China is a concert hall that is just West of Tiananmen Square. Inside, there are three seperate halls for different events. This theatre was the pride of China, but now, how long will it stand without people? 1 day after people: The power fails in Beijing and the theater plunges into darkness.

1 month after people: The theater is doing well. It has been looking over the city for 1 month now, and the theater has suffered little damage.

1 year after people: Beijing can get very warm and humid in the summer and very cold in the winter, the perfect ingredients for freeze-thaw cycles. Because about half the theater is covered in glass, this could lead to problems later.

5 years after people: The glass is now starting to fracture. The broken panes of glass are letting in rain and snow, which is causing the steel supports to rust.

20 years after people: The titanium panels that are attached to the outsides of the theater are falling off. The steel supports on the inside is starting to become weak. Plants have worked their way inside the theater, worsening its condition further.

75 years after people: The theater is just a rusting shell of what it used to be. The theater has been rusting for 75 years. Finally, one of the bars snaps, then another. Suddenly, the roof starts to fall and the whole theater implodes in on itself. The theatre is no more.