The Millennium Force was one of the Tallest coasters in the world and was located at Cedar point, It was votes the best coaster by many people and was well known for opening in the 3rd millennium.

2 Days After People: Since the Electricity has ran out, the coaster is not operable without maintenance.

10 months after people: The Millennium Force is starting to weaken, When the winter ends, There will be no people to ride it.

2 years after people: Since there is no people to inspect the ride, extreme rust takes over and a Category 5 Hurricane Damages the Coaster.

75 Years after people: Some coaster track of the roller coaster has already collapsed, though The Top Thrill Dragster corrodes and collapses down leaving the lower portions and cause moderate damage to the Millennium Force

125 Years after people: The lift hill is the only hill to be standing on the Millennium Force, Though flooded a Category 2 Hurricane rages through cedar point and the hill collapses.

10,000 Years after people: The Millennium Force is completely covered in vegetation, The Millennium Force is no more.