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1 Day After People: Around the world, Man may be gone, but in every hospital, every clinic, and every single house in the world contain even the most basic of medical supplies. From cartoon Band-aids in the bathroom medicine cabinet, to the Heart moniter in the best funded Hospitals, Medical and Healing Supplies and Aids are now in a race to survive. Which will last the longest?

6 Months After People: The Adhesive glue in Band-aids has rotted away, making it unfit to cover another Boo-boo.

2 Years After People: Medical devises used for ear examination are obsolite, due to the fact that their batteries are dead. Meanwhile, Tounge Depressers are rotting away, and rubber gloves follow their untimely demise.

5 Years After People: Glass jars of liquid remidies shatter and small metal objects are corroding. Items such and reflex hammers, Stethascopes, Hypo-dermic needles, and surgery tools are now unfit to touch human bodies for risk of contamination is to great too risk.

20 Years After People: Larger objects made of metal are now rotting away. And within half a centary, Life Moniters, Blood transfusers, Cast matterials and Wheelchairs are doomed.

1,000 Years After People: All Medical Remidies have now been destroyed, except for one. Pills in well sealed Plastic Bottles are still Useful, but not unless you live 10 ft below ground.