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The Kuwait Water Towers are multiple twin water towers in Kuwait City. They look like giant mushrooms and they are all painted with blue and white vertical stripes. How long will these water towers supply water for the city?


The Kuwait Water Towers

1 week after people.The pumps of the water towers finally fail. Around the city, sprinklers stop. Faucets stop dripping. But the towers themselves remain- but just because the pumps stopped working, that doesn't mean they are empty. More and more water fills up into the tanks. For now, they will remain standing.

1 decade after people.The Kuwait Water Towers are overflowing. Suddenlly, water shoots from the roof of a tank. That tank becomes a water bomb. It thus explodes out. But the rest only become the last working fountains of the city.

5 decades after people.The Kuwait Water Towers stopped being fountains months ago. Finally, one of the water towers falls onto another. Then that one falls onto another one, and so on, until every one is falling onto the ground.