Iqaluit, Nunavut is an Arctic City in Nunavut, Canada and is hope to over 5 thousand people, It's climate is so cold that trees don't grow here, Winters stay for 8 months of the year from October - May. This beautiful city is one of the most well known locations in the arctic, now that humans are gone, How long will this city last.

1 Year After People: The North Mart, Infamous for it's high food prices are now almost completely devoid of food, the milk and other dairy products are far past expired and most of the food are eaten by rodents.

40 Years After People: The snow is not being shoveled by humans, now that they are gone, snow piles up on top of the building who's roof is flat, 40 years after people, now that windows are broken, the interiors are freezing and the constant freeze thaw cycles weakens the buildings interior causing the roofs of the buildings to cave in, including North Mart, The walls still remain intact.

250 Years after people: Homes still remain intact but look entirely different, unlike warmer cities in the south such as New York City, New York, Richmond Virginia, or Inuvik, Northwest Territories (5 parallel's northern than Iqaluit), These houses are still recognizable as they are not engulfed by plantlife, some the of walls of these homes have rusted completely, the Schools in Iqaluit don't look much different, and multiple story buildings still stand barely looking different, Stachybotrys take over parts of the home area's that aren't prone to extreme cold temperatures.

700 Years after people: Homes in Iqaluit are barely recognizable being buried in the snow during winter times, Many of the multiple story buildings have already collapsed, But the airport still remains intact, The schools look like a steel skeleton frame and the Sewage pipes are completely rusted out and unrecognizable.

1250 Years after people: Iqaluit is barely recognizable, since some plant life creeps into homes and buildings, some of them already collapse, Iqaulits Airport Watchtower collapses into the Airport Building, Frobisher Inn Collapses, Hotel Arctic however still remains intact.

10,000 Years After People: Hotel Arctic and the Iqaluit Airport is long unrecognizable, Some Homes in Iqaluit still persists after 10 thousand years barely changed, However a slight shift in Earths Orbit puts Iqaluit into an Ice Age, now what's left of Iqaluit is no longer recognizable after being covered by a several kilometer thick Ice Sheet.

1,000,000 Years After People: Iqaluit is Completely Unrecognizable.