Idaho falls 1 year after people

Idaho falls 1 year after people(image taken from google earth and photoshopped)

Idaho falls temple 50 years from now

Idaho falls temple 50 years from now.

Idaho, Utah, Montana and wyomign are little-talked about, but rich oparts of america. Here, you will find yellowstone national park, as well as boise state broncos, an Idaho Falls chuckars team, and one of the longest urban areas, spanning from the Idaho-Utah border to halfway down utah. this is also hoem to the majority of the L.D.S. community. But in a life after people, what will happen to all of this?

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Idaho Falls and yellowstone national park

1 week after people.In the few thousand homes across the city of Idaho Falls, entropy is beginnign to take effect. the lawns begin to grow, and need trimmed. Also, pets try to escape. but one home is sepcial. It is home to a collector of three-dimensional foam puzzles, some which could ironically far outlast the structures they represent... but for now, the structure are the same. 

10 days after people. the food in grocery stores begins to rot as power goes out here, as it has everywhere. soon, the smell attracts rodents.

In the regionally famous tautphaus park zoo, aniamls are beginnign to break out. these include the gibbons, which have been hosued there their whole lives. but will they be able to make it without pampering from zookeepers?

Jackson, wyoming.

3 months after people.

here lies the home of harrison Ford, best known for playing the lead role in Indiana Jones, as well as Han solo in star wars. his home was built to last. but will it revert to the dark side of the force of nature? only time will tell.

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northern Utah and the LDS hub