Game Night Island is an island in the Wii universe that is home to the following games: Yahtzee, Clue, Life, Twister and Mouse Trap. What happens when Miis leave the island forever?

1 Day After People

Lights go out around around the island as the power grid shuts down.
Game Night

5 Days After People

Real mice begin to eat the cheese in Mouse Trap. Food in the Clue House begins to rot and the cards in Yahtzee blow away.

10 Days After People

The last food on the island rots away. The fountain in the plaza sits alone, waiting for Miis who will never come to throw coins in it.

5 Months After People

Vines begin to grow out of the once marble court. A storm puts a hole in the side of the Yahtzee boat and blows out all the windows on the island. This could be a problem later on.

2 Years After People

The Yahtzee boat's crack gets bigger, causing the boat to begin to tip. Everything on the inside is disturbed as it shifts. Meanwhile, the now-rusted Life wheel rolls away, crushing some of the Life game. In Twister Club, the disco ball collapses. The island's statues of Mr. Potato Head are now rusted.

5 Years After People

The entire courtyard is now a jungle. The island's entrance sign collapses. A category 2 hurricane causes the already weak Yahtzee boat to sink, destroying anything left inside.

60 Years After People

Due to the island's constant 90 degree temp, things around the island have decayed rapidly. All of the game pieces in Life, Mouse Trap and Twister have decayed. Twister, Mouse Trap, and the Clue House are now covered in vines. The buildings will hold for now. The Life park, however, is unrecognizable due to it being outside.

150 Years After People

The facade for Mouse Trap falls off, exposing the ruined interior. The roof of the Twister Club smashes onto the dance floor, pulling down the walls. Also, around the island, the statues of Mr. Potato Head finally drop.

300 Years After People

Mouse Trap's decayed shell finally gives and the building implodes.The Clue House is the final building standing on the island.

500 Years After People

The Clue House, being made mostly out of stone, is the only building left on the island. However, during a category 5 Hurricane, the house collapses. None of the buildings remain standing, but the plastic pieces in Mouse Trap's rubble is the only remainder that the island ever was a game island.

10,000,000 years After People

The island sinks into the sea, taking any remains of Game Night Island with it

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