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When people we're alive

 The Freedom Tower in New York is the tallest building in the United States standing at 1,776 feet tall. It was built to replace the old World Trade Center which was destroyed in 2001. It was built to last a thousand years, but will it last in a life after people?

2 days after people: New York City goes dark. The Freedom Tower loses power and fades into the night.

5 years after people: The first windows are breaking in the building. They let in water and animals.

20 years after people: Plants are growing in the building. Water from the Hudson River has infiltrated the basement levels of the building.

100 years after people: The spire on top of the building falls off and crashes into the plaza below.

300 years after people: After 300 years of erosion and lack of maintenance since humans disappeared, the building finally falls from the skyline.