Banbury, Oxfordshire is my home town, but how long will this building survive.

15 minuets after people: The personal commuters goes in to sleep mode.

1-5 days. Chocolate melts. Bottles and drinks cans bust due to no air-conditioning.  Food starts to rot. Mice, rats, cockroaches, pidgins, crows, dogs, cats and flies feast on it.

1 week after people: Ants and spiders move in.

2 Weeks after people: Paper begins to rot.

6 months after people: Food and paper finally rots off.

1 year after people: The mainly prefabricated plaster board, light wight and wood built buildings also rot. The former signs and vehicles are now rusty. The window of the building start to fall down, leaving them vulnerable to plant life and animals. The commercial neon street signs and rotting wooden bill boards collapses as well. The paint begins to peal off. The roof begins to rot away. Cloth begins to rot.

2 yeas after people: The glass in the buildings starts falling out.

5 Years after people: The shelving units fall off the walls. The wood parts of the interiors begins to rot and warp. Cloth finishes rotting.

7 years after people: The wooden faceier panels fall of the walls and the wood-laminate floor panels rupture upwards of the cement floor.

10 Years after people: The glass in the buildings finishes falling out. Greenery has covered Banbury in shrubbery. Roofs cave in, including theirs.

20 Years after people: The first major residential building begins to collapse.  

40 Years after people: Most major residential building begins to collapse. The houses hear also cave in and collapse.

75-100 Years after people: The offices and industrial buildings collapse.