Dingoes are wild dogs native to Australia, but there's a large dingo sanctuary in Texas. If humans disappeared, what would happen to them?

Life After People

3 days after people

In central Texas a dingo is wandering around the abandoned dingo sanctuary. Dingoes started to dig out the cages and roamed freely and abandons its sanctuary home. Escaped sheep, goats, cattle and zoo animals will provide food for the dingo.

3 months after people

The dingo has no problem surviving in the wild of Kansas. She has formed a pack with other dingos and they work together to take down wild species of hogs such as wild boars. Other dingoes in other parts have also survived and formed packs to hunt other animals and flourish.

5 years after people

Despite their success, dingoes face competition from the already-recovering gray wolves, which were once endangered from humans, but are now making a comeback. Dingoes will have to tolerate the recovering species or die out completely.

25 years after people

Dingoes managed to flourish in Kansas and Texas with supply of wild hogs and other animals for food and started to be one of the apex predators despite their competition with the gray wolves, which are still roaming in the grasslands of Texas. The dingoes have survived and flourished successfully.

150 years after people

The descendants of the surviving dingoes have interbred with few red wolves, yet retained most of the dingo characteristics, and have now reverted back into the apex predators they were in Australia. Dingoes now hunt in large packs to bring down larger prey such as cattle, deer and elks and compete with the recovered gray wolves.

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