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The Burj Al Alam (English: "World Tower") is a 108-story, 510 m (1,670 ft) hyperboloid skyscraper under construction in the Business Bay area ofDubai, United Arab Emirates. It is designed to resemble a crystal flower. It is to become one of the world's tallest buildings. The tower is being built by the Fortune Group which also has a number of other projects in Dubai such as the Fortune Bay (Dubai) and Fortune Tower.

It will contain 74 floors of office space, a retail area at the base, and a high-end hotel and serviced apartments in the top 27 floors. A luxury 5-star hotel section is to contain the highest hotel rooms in the world. The building will also feature a 6-story crown that will contain a Turkish bath, sky garden, and other club facilities. Ground breaking occurred on 12 November 2006. The structure is expected to be completed in 2012, after much delay in payments from investors. The tower was undergoing piling works as the tower's foundations are being constructed. However it went on hold again shortly after. A total of 30 elevators will be installed, out of which 19 will be double decker, How long will the building last.

1 to 3 days after people

The electricity grid fails and the lights go dark forever.The refrigerators stop working and the food rots off.

1 Year after people

Desert falcons and Arabian vultures perch on top of it and defecate all over it.

5 Years after people

The glass starts to fall out. Desert falcons and Arabian vultures nest in the top of it and continue to defecate all over it.

10 Years after people

The glass finishing to falling out.

20 Years after people

Camels move in and live on the ground floor.

30 Years after people

The top of the building is corroded and burdened with Kudzu groath. The top began to deteriorate, so the portion of the top part of the building fell down and crash landed onto the ground.

250 Years after people

The Building was about to be hit by debris, but this building still stands because the high winds didn't have a chance to knock it down.

400 Years after people

The building begins collapsing Violently to to a Intensely Severe Sand storm, And a Severe earthquake measuring 7.6 Hit Dubai, Dubai is almost completely unrecognizable.