• Jmanthanks


    August 14, 2019 by Jmanthanks


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  • Noah.4434

    It's quite simple actually,they were originally gonna fall at the location,but I kind of scrapped the idea for reasons I won't disclose,alright.

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  • FoodCrumblesOfficial

    Hello. I have a new wiki that I want to show you. Here it is! --> Here

    It's all about sports logos and stuff. Be sure to read the rules before you edit. I'm the only person there (Since I created it) so if you could come and help that would be great!

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  • GlarnBoudin

    To LightTower936

    Hey, remember me? I just thought that I would give you the reasons why I went on a rampage on your project on the Speculative Evolution Wiki, seeing as you seem to be incapable of checking your work

    -The Dylanuses: you gave no explanation whatsoever for what those things ate or even what the fuck they were. I only knew what the things were because one of your lackeys linked a page that you must have wrote a while ago. Those creatures make no goddamn sense-they evolved from carnivorans, but they somehow look exactly like people? How the hell does that even work?

    -The Megaman robots: I already explained why these didn't fit-they aren't mammals, or even living organisms. They have no place in any speculative evolution project. A…

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  • Texasnative13

    Hey guys, it's David. I really don't have any ideas for pages right now, so if any of you guys have any suggestions, feel free to write them here. Thanks, David

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  • Whipsnade


    September 15, 2013 by Whipsnade

    It's a new Wiki!Whipsnade (talk) 22:34, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

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