The ALRN-FV Mast is a giant tv and radio tower that pierced the Canadian skylines. and became a global hit for music lovers around the world. But its design was not the same as the amphisbaenia towers. rather. it was colored black and orange. In a life after people. How will this sensational broadcasting giant last?

1 day after people: The power falls permanently dark in newfoundlands. but ALRN-FV. isin't affected. but however. it needed a computer to broadcast on. without power. ALRN-FV is just a towering pole. standing in the frigid wind of newfoundland.

60 years after people: The ALRN-FV Mast is possibly the last radio tower still standing. but however. all things eventually meet there breaking point. ALRN's?. the base of it. ALRNs base had strong bolts driven into solid concrete. but after 60 years. they. along with the concrete. fail, a earthquake hits and the bolts rip free. And the entire tower begins to fall towards the sea. This titanic tower that once held a great island together. finally keels over as it crashes onto the ruined pavement of the fog forests streets. but the upper part wont survive for longer. as the tower falls. it falls into the sea and smashes within a matter of seconds, now ALRN's gaming legacy, will never be heard from again.